EHS Consultancy

Accidents are preventable if factories have trained and competent staff watching on those key issues. There is no doubt that professional development and training is important in preventing accidents in China, but under most circumstances, factory staff has little access to legal updates and changes and developments to practices.

We have teamed up with our business partners, experts at the top of their fields, to conduct hands-on seminars on EHS capacity building. Our service includes:

1 Legal Requirements and Practices in China
2 Environmental Assessment
3 EHS Sustainable Assessment
4 Chemical Management
5 Occupational Poisoning Prevention Strategy and Practice
6 Manufacturing Restricted Substance List Policy
7 ZDHC / BEPI / Higg Index Advisory and Technical Support
8 GHS / REACH / RoHS in China
9 Ethical Materials ABC (Basic)
10 Ethical Materials A-Z: Risks & Opportunities
11  Electrical Safety
12  Machinery Safe-guarding
13  Structural Safety Inspection and Assessment
14  Fire Safety Codes and Practice
15  Environmental Health
16  Workplace Violence Prevention
17  EHS Trainings on System, Procedures, and Technologies
18  EHS Monitoring & Measurements