Mentoring: The Path to Sustainable Development

Corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility jobs are cool, right?

You’re passionate about sustainability, right?

In recent years, growing numbers of young professionals are flocking to jobs in sustainability, or are committed to social and environmental responsibility in their own lives. However, there is no set career path and special schooling or professional credentials needed to work in corporate citizenship or CSR. Recognizing the increased need for mentoring activities as a valuable method to share knowledge and transfer sustainability expertise, NEWAsia Solutions has created its Mentoring Programme.

The Mentoring Programme aims to enhance the mentoring relationship between young professionals and experienced practitioners through a ‘twinning arrangement’, donor-funded projects, and a wide range of collaborative partnerships.

Please contact us for more details on the Mentoring Programme.

You can also support us by referrals of NEWAsia Steering Committee Members and Mentors. Please contact us here.