Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) are a form of cooperation between the public and the private sector. They are voluntary, joint projects in which both partners commit resources, bring in their competencies and share both benefits and risks.

NEWAsia works with clients to build their CSR capabilities in China. We professionally benchmark our clients’ current positions by employing the PPP Methodology. Based on our clients’ business objectives and priorities, we create tailor-made strategies and solutions that institutionalize practices, engage the surrounding communities and create channels to communicate changes externally.

Our services include:

Overall CSR Strategy Development

NEWAsia uses the PPP Methodology to identify key opportunities where our clients can add value in business and society. The PPP contributes to improving the social and environmental performance of our client companies, and increases their overall competitiveness in national and international markets. The participating enterprises are also equipped to continuously improve on CSR-related aspects and to make meaningful contributions to sustainable development.

Social and Environmental Solutions and Implementation

NEWAsia designs tailor-made Social & Environmental solutions that align with our clients’ business priorities and challenges. By leveraging our resources and experience, we evaluate different areas such as stakeholder relations, business product, and service synergy to recommend suitable solutions and best practices. Moreover, NEWAsia offers oversight for our clients’ Social & Environmental programs.