2020 Universal Social Insurance Outlook & Solutions

On August 16th 2014, MOHRSS announced the goal of 2020 Universal Coverage of Social Insurance, and it has been implemented in 50 cities of the pilot provinces. With the implementation of the Law of Social Insurance (SI) for more than three years, and the relevant policies are under constant improvement, local authorities have been enhancing the SI inspection and workers have been demanding more about their SI rights.

It is well recognized that the enterprises are facing more pressure and opportunities in the social insurance implementation in figuring out:

  1. How to balance the social insurance cost and operation costs,
  2. How to manage migrant workers uninsured or partial social insurance,
  3. Why workers have diverse needs and expectations, and
  4. What are the buyer approaches to SI compliance?

On 28th Oct. 2014, NEWAsia Solutions Limited will conduct in Guangzhou in cooperation with the Fair Labour Association (FLA) and ER Club a seminar on “2020 Universal Social Insurance Outlook & Solutions”. A similar seminar will be conducted in Shanghai on 29th Oct 2014.

You and your friends are invited to the upcoming seminar to learn:

  • How to achieve a soft landing against SI risks in supply chain with an effective road map for SI transition?
  • How to establish an effective SI cost and risk control system to prevent the risks of employment?
  • How to prevent and solve SI related disputes and lawsuits?
  • How to promote SI welfare and incentive mechanism?
  • How to analysis the relationship between the cost of SI, HR and operation in an enterprise?
  • How to legally manage the overall SI cost and expenditure?
  • How to establish a good supply chain management system?
  • How to establish a more equitable and sustainable social security system and promote enterprise business


  • Legal SI Framework
  • Updates & interpretation on SI policies and regulations, trends
  • 2020 universal coverage of social security goal
  • Local enforcements of SI
  • The promotion of effective SI system in an enterprise’s management
  • Analysis of SI cost, and how to effectively control overall labor cost
  • Strengthen and perfect the SI function in HR management system
  • Incentive and welfare mechanism
  • Analysis of SI cost and profit of in the enterprise operation management
  • SI operation and compliance assessment
  • Situation and trends of expatriates SI insured in China
  • SI disputes & lawsuits
  • SI demands in supply chain management
  • The emphases and difficulties of the social compliance in SI
  • Updates on brand’s audit requirements
  •  Principles and practices on cost and risk sharing
  • Panel Discussion
  • Key words: SI Soft landing, law enforcement trends, cost risk, compliance control, employee divisive needs, SI waiver, multi insurance types alignments, commercial supplement or substitute insurance, road map



  • Have awareness of five types of social insurances paid by the factory, motivated by SI’s welfare function
  • Calculate the cost of monthly SI payment clearly, further have knowledge of SI records query
  • Understand the present and future treatment of SI and the transfer process; able to get economic security from SI insured


  • Deep understand of SI policies and trends from the strategic height, able to control of SI dispute or employment risk;
  • Effectively plan SI benefits & employee motivation system, reduce the labor cost, improve employee productivity, and improve enterprise management
  • Establish and maintain better HR management, able to face and solve complex SI problems, such as labor supervision and SI audit problems


  • Understand the trends of SI policy, and effectively make corresponding adjustment of its Code of Conduct
  • Promote better management and risk control of supply chain
  • Improve capacity buildings in factory and bring real changes to them


Morning: SI Policies and Regulations Updates

Guangzhou: Deputy Minister of HRSS of Guangdong Province

Shanghai: Division Director of Social Security Management, Shanghai Municipal HRSS Bureau

Above two experts from local HRSS departments, have participated in the development of provincial SI regulations related with national SI policy. Both of them have abundant knowledge and experience of in-depth interpretation of the focus of legal principles, enforcement and governance.

Afternoon:  SI Operations, Solutions and Deputes Cases Analysis

Mr. Zhao, Senior Advisor and Lawyer, who is familiar with local SI regulations, able to provide correct and effective solutions based on the SI disputes and crisis management case studies.

Who Should Attend

  • Brand representatives, CSR and HR staff
  • Factory Owner/General Manager, Production Manager, HR / CSR / Administrative Management and staff 
  • Workshop supervisor/ Trade union representatives
  • Others who are interested in social insurance policies and solutions

Training Price:

  • Those attending 2 days (both A: Social Insurance Outlook and B: Fire Safety Codes – New Version): 4000 RMB (660USD; 5000HKD) / participant for two days
  • Group with 3+ participants: 2000 RMB (330USD; 2500 HKD) participant · day
  • Early Bird (before Oct 17, 2014): 2300 RMB (380USD; 3000HKD) / participant · day
  • Normal registration (after Oct 17, 2014): 3000 RMB (500USD; 3800HKD) / participant · day
  • Lunch and tea break included.