Audit and Capacity Building Services in Southeast Asian Countries

With the trends of the migration of global supplier chain to Southeast Asian countries, NEWAsia Solutions Limited (NEWAsia) has strengthened cooperation with international well-known brands and actively carried out supply chain audit and capacity-building projects. In 2019, according to the requirements of industrial supply chain audit standards and relevant customers’ code of conduct (CoC), NEWAsia carried out effective supply chain capacity-building projects in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries, including supply chain compliance audit, environmental management system project, chemical control project, etc.

NEWAsia has nearly 20 years of project implementation experience in global supply chain management, which gives us a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by Chinese manufacturing enterprises in the process of extending and migrating to Southeast Asian countries. At the same time, with the support of NEWAsia’s local auditors in Southeast Asian countries, we regularly share and update the laws, regulations and policy trends of Southeast Asian countries with our customers to avoid the suppliers’ operational risks, as well as to ensure a more stable supply chain management in local countries.