Fire Safety Codes Seminar

Guangdong & Shanghai | December 2013

The following questions on fire safety were discussed during the seminar:

1. Our clients require that we install smoke detectors in our dormitories. What are the applicable codes and the minimum costs?

2. What are the requirements for smoke exhaust system in factory and dormitory buildings?

3. What sort of projects must be submitted to the local fire bureau for review and acceptance? What are the current processes?

4. What to do if we cannot obtain a fire permit for our factory buildings?

5. What is the difference between “inner-aisle” and “evacuation aisle”? What are the requirements in factory buildings?

6. Is it acceptable if the dormitory building contains a canteen, shops, office, and/or temporary raw materials warehouse?

7. How do we understand and control the worst adverse point hydrostatic pressure?

8. How do we calculate the number of fire extinguishers needed for factory buildings, chemical warehouses, and dormitories?

9. For secret manufacturing, the factory isolates assembly lines by curtains. Is this acceptable? What are acceptable processes?

10. To mitigate property loss/ ensure security, only one gate with electronic security door is available to the entire workforce (on/off duty), resulting in crowded stairwells. Is this legal?

11. The local fire bureau required us to install an automatic fire sprinkler system under Article 8.5.1 of Building Design Code Fire Protection and Prevention. The factory building was built by a local government entity and the fire permit was obtained in 2005. What should we do about this requirement?