Global Compliance Summit

Dongguan | 13-14 May 2014

Sumerra hosted the annual Global Compliance Summit from May 13-14, 2014,  in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. The summit offered a unique opportunity for industry leader manufacturing brands and their respective suppliers and licensees to come together, collaborate and share best practices and future visions for CSR.

NEWAsia Solutions Limited, conducted the Factory Self-Assessment workshop on May 14 with the Sumerra team.

Mr. Asia Wang, Managing Director of NEWAsia Solutions was invited to deliver training on this topic. In his speech, Mr. Wang explicitly asserted that an effective management system should include a continual improvement cycle. Factory Self-Assessment is a key component to this continual improvement cycle. Mr. Wang also emphasized that the self-assessment process should include not just assessment, but training before assessment, an understanding of what should be assessed, and a program to ensure the assessment results in improvement.

Participants learned how to create an effective self-assessment program that results in factory growth and improvement. All participants showed a great interest in the topic and participated proactively in the interactive exchange and in-depth discussion on promoting factory self-assurance management system.