In-house Training on Structural Safety and Industrial Hygiene Controls

Guangdong | 24-25 April 2014

There was a successful in-house training on Structural Safety and Industrial Hygiene Controls delivered to production managers in the footwear-manufacturing sector from April 24-25, 2014 in Guangdong.

The Structural Safety training was conducted on April 24, and focused on how to assess industrial structures and safety control technology; knowledge and skills for investigation, detection, analysis, and evaluation of existing buildings.

The Industrial Hygiene Controls training on April 25 analyzed types of risk and causes of occupational hazards in the footwear industry. Participants will be able to improve their understanding of the basic principles of occupational disease prevention and management practices. The two-hour on-site visits allowed ample time for interaction between the factory managers and the trainer.

The trainings were well received by 30 participants from the footwear sector, who greatly appreciated the opportunity for face-to-face communication with top experts in their fields.