Insights & Solutions to SMEs Sustainable Capacity Building

Mr. Asia Wang, managing director of NEWAsia Solutions Limited was invited to share experiences and insights to Small-Medium-Enterprises (SMEs) capacity building programs in American brands routine working group meeting, which was conducted on 29 August 2014 in Hong Kong. This quarterly meeting offers the unique opportunities for industry leading brands to meet, collaborate, and share best practices and visions for CSR.

Under most circumstance, the factories are concerned that CSR will cost more money, but the reality is that good CSR needs to evolve programs and implementation methods that allows the factory to choose an effective CSR program and have it focus on the issues that not only matter to the brand but to the factory’s ability to generate profit as well. Most traditional CSR programs have not focused on assisting the factory with solutions to CSR related issues. NEWAsia has been working with clients and business partners for innovative solutions and has been implementing a sustainable project model that is both self-sustaining and creates equity for the factory.

The demonstrated project includes five modules and features the efforts and solutions for next generation of CSR supply chain. In his speech, Mr. Wang emphasized the capacity building should be improving the CSR ecosystem, creating the shared needs for profitability, decent work, and compliance in the supply chain.

The leaders from the brands showed a great interest in the capacity building project and regard it is important of the creation of value for brands will restore profitability for the factory, and help the factory to exceed its branded customers’ expectations. All participants were proactively involved in the interactive exchange and discussion on promoting factory self-assurance management system.