MRSL Project Available

NEWAsia has just launched a Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) project to help brands, suppliers, chemical vendors, authorities, and labs to control the risks involved in manufacturing processes. The MRSL project helps our clients create and implement effective MRSL protocols and management systems.

This project also offers a platform for stakeholder engagement.

Project Objectives:

  • Improve chemical risk performance, phase out highly toxic, high-risk substances
  • Align all applicable MRSL protocols from related parties
  • Train project managers and trainers on the MRSL
  • Reduce operation costs
  • Maintain a safer and greener supply chain

Project Value:

  • Improve internal competency and alignments to the MRSL
  • Create and implement an effective MRSL system
  • Prevent occupational diseases, pollution, poor product quality, and damage to brand image

Project Outline:

  • MRSL scope, protocol, and strategies
  • Capacity building, training, and consultancy
  • On-site evaluation, chemical ingredient analysis, phase-out-plan
  • MRSL management system implementation
  • Corporate environmental information disclosure protocol and practice
  • Public-Private Partnership and stakeholder dialogue

Project Outcome:

  • Provide local solutions for overcoming MRSL obstacles
  • Improve competency for MRSL system
  • Reduce risks and costs associated with restricted substances
  • Meet ZDHC MRSL expectations and requirements for green and ethical manufacturing

This project is available for customized service. Please contact us for more details.