Water, Energy Conservation Project Launched

In the 21st century, the focus is increasingly on sustainable development practices. International sports brands prioritize land, natural resources, the sustainable use of non-renewable resources, energy efficiency, and research into production processes to achieve brand positive publicity and cultivate a loyal customer base.

As a technology provider, NEWAsia Solutions responds to government and client demands to improve energy and water efficiency, provide energy conservation solutions for world-class brands and their strategic core suppliers, and to help our clients establish a “Clean and Green” marketplace presence. We employ energy and water use audits to assess the plant's current energy performance and identify energy-efficient and water-saving potential, and enhance energy and water use and management through capacity building project.

The objectives of the one-year project are:

  1. Energy and water use assessment
  2. Analyze performance based on the assessment results and the corresponding product data, and international standards in the industry
  3. Propose energy and water conservation program recommendations and implementation plan to help customers achieve world-class levels of energy efficiency and water use.
  4. Assess energy and water conservation programs to determine the access to government subsidies
  5. Energy and water saving training to improve internal management systems
  6. Provide technical support for customers to develop energy management plans.

On-site energy efficiency and water performance evaluations will show that the plant will have about 15-20% energy efficiency improvement; the integrated payback period is approximately one year.