Workshop on Occupational Health & Safety

Shanghai | 10 September 2014

On 10th September 2014, NEWAsia Solutions Limited organized a workshop on “Occupational Health & Safety” in Shanghai.

The objective of this workshop was to introduce the concept and best practice of occupational safety & health (OHS), its risks and benefits, and to discuss the solutions of OHS risks in the brand’s supply chain for a better performance and continuous improvement.

During the workshop, Mr. Asia Wang, Managing Director of NEWAsia Solutions gave training on this topic. In addition to the illustration of the common OHS basics, case studies, costs and lessons, we also discussed the legal requirements and compliance, occupational health, fire, electrical, machinery hazards identification, control principals, sources control, engineering control, and administrative control best practice in the supply chain in a comprehensive and interactive way. In other words, what can be done by the factory side to meet or go beyond the local law and regulation or clients' requirement at low cost is the key content and target of this training.

This training incorporated different activities including group competition, questions and answers, voting, peering learning, which encouraged interaction between participants, and made the training more active and effective. Ms. Amanda Xu, Operations Director of NEWAsia and a representative from brand facilitated the discussion on CSR practice updates in China, and Q&A in the afternoon.

Through this workshop, the participants had a deep understanding on the definition of OHS, occupational hazards, common OHS violations, costs and risks. They dwelled on the difficulties and challenging of OHS risk prevention from the factories’ perspective by group discussion and personal opinion airing with the view that OHS risk control is not an extraneous imposition from the brands, but a must for factory survival and further development. All the participants liked the active atmosphere and the interaction between the trainer and trainee through Q & A and questionnaire feedback.

A similar training workshop will be also conducted in Guangzhou in November 2014.