Workshops on Occupational Diseases A-Z

Guangzhou 28 May 2014 | Shanghai 29 May 2014

On May 28, 2014 in Guangzhou, NEWAsia Solutions Limited organized in cooperation with the Fair Labour Association (FLA) a workshop on “Occupational Diseases A-Z”.

The objective of this workshop was to help Brand representatives, CSR and EHS staff to better understand why employers lose lawsuits, how to keep up with the latest legislation, and fix violations and grey areas with minimum costs. The workshop was a great opportunity for participants to learn how to diagnose occupational diseases, and to become familiar with occupational disease prevention best practices through case studies.

This workshop was led by Mr. Hu, Deputy Director of Guangdong Province Occupational Disease Prevention and Treatment Hospital, and covered:

  • Legislation updates and interpretation
  • Occupational disease concepts and character
  • New and common occupational diseases in your sector
  • Preventive measures for occupational diseases:
    • Categories
    • Reporting
    • Surveillance
    • Monitoring
  • Controls and strategies

A similar training workshop was also conducted in Shanghai on May 29, 2014. Ms. Song, Deputy Director of Nanjing Occupational Disease Prevention and Treatment Hospital, also led a workshop on the same topic and shared more cases in Yangtze River Delta.

Participants leapt at the chance to engage two of China’s top experts on occupational diseases and were proactive workshop participants.