Unveiling a Revolutionary ESG Platform: Pioneering Sustainability Solutions for Global Supply Chains

We are currently in the midst of creating a new, cutting-edge ESG platform that will introduce state-of-the-art tools designed to tackle the shifting ESG landscape within global supply chains. Our platform will encompass advanced features, including various ESG modules, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and more, to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients. 


NEWAsia Expands SLCP and FEM Verification Regions

With the stability and improvement of the epidemic situation, NEWAsia has expanded the verification regions to better serve international leading brands and help to enhance their supply chain management in Asia. At present, the SLCP and FEM verification regions of NEWAsia include mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.

At the same time, NEWAsia also provides critical life safety (CLS) assessments (including fire, electrical and building safety) and remediation projects in these regions, which assists clients in meeting operational safety requirements. 


Building Safety Assessment Portfolio

Based on our concrete working experience on building safety training and assessments, NEWAsia is utilizing a new, modern data management platform to facilitate all of our critical life safety (CLS) assessments, including also fire and electrical safety assessments.


SLCP Facility Training Webinar

On April 21st, the Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP) hosted a facility training webinar series targeted at apparel and footwear manufacturers. Ms. Amanda Xu, Operations Director of NEWAsia Solutions Limited and appointed SLCP ambassador and trainer was one of the guest speakers. During the training session, Ms. Amanda shared an in-depth guidance of the verification process from registering on the Gateway to sharing the verified data.


NEWAsia Takes on Chinese Tea Sector Emissions

In a new energy efficiency project for a Chinese partner, NEWAsia Solutions is taking a strategic step to diversifying our portfolio to include agriculture, in particular, tea. As a culturally and economically significant cash crop, there is significant potential for synergies in energy and process efficiency in every step of the tea production process. In the coming months, this is the potential we will be unlocking for our client.