2020 Universal Social Insurance Outlook & Solutions Seminars Launched

Guangzhou, 28 October 2014 | Shanghai, 29 October 2014

On 28th October 2014, the seminar on “2020 Universal Social Insurance Outlook & Solutions - Featuring Your Soft Landing Strategy for Social Insurance Transition” was held in the Guangzhou Garden Hotel. This event was organized by the NEWAsia Solutions Limited in cooperation with the Fair Labour Association (FLA) and the ER Club, with the background that more enterprises are facing pressures and opportunities in the social insurance implementation. More than 80 representatives from brands, suppliers and international organizations participated in the seminar.

The objectives of this seminar are to explore and highlight social insurance solutions on four levels:

  • How to achieve a soft landing against social insurance risks in supply chain with a feasible road map for social insurance transition?
  • How to establish an effective social insurance system in an enterprise’s management?
  • How to promote social insurance welfare and incentive mechanism and benefit workers?
  • How to establish a more sustainable social security system and promote enterprise business?

Ms. Amanda Xu, Operations Director of the NEWAsia, moderated the whole day seminar. Mr. Su, the Deputy Minister on Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, interoperated the Social Insurance Law principles, legislation trends, 2020 universal coverage of social security goal, as well as the local enforcements of social insurance from the authority’s perspective in the morning session. Ms. Zhao delivered the afternoon session seminar with abundant and practical experience from the lawyer perspective for enterprise human resource and employee relation management.

The seminar offers the best practice and solutions for how to control the social insurance cost, reduce the employment risk, as well as improve employee productivity and enterprise management.

A similar social insurance seminar was held in Shanghai on 29th October 2014. During the morning session, Mr. Zhao, the Director of Labor Bureau Supervision Department on Shanghai Municipal Human Resources & Social Security Bureau was invited to introduce the local social insurance enforcement and governance in Yangtze River Delta, and in the afternoon session, Ms. Zhao shared the practical social insurance management practices with the 70 participants.

The participants were delighted with this seminar as they have more value-added solutions and insights into the social insurance risks and opportunities for the sustainable business ahead.